Why Did Reform Die in 2013?

WHEN THE ISSUE IS THE PRESERVATION OF POWER, REFORM HASN’T GOT A CHANCE In 2013, despite all the rhetoric with which the legislative year began, lawmakers failed to pass a single reform. The question is: Why? Putting aside any unbecoming motivations lawmakers might have had to resist reforms in ethics law, the state’s government structure, […]

An “Enterprise Division” for Clemson?

  IT’S ALL ABOUT POWER (A LOT OF IT) AND ACCOUNTABILITY (NONE OF IT) Last week, we posted a brief analysis of S.535, legislation that would create a murky new government entity called an “Enterprise Division” at Clemson University. The bill, in short, is a grossly misguided attempt to give vast powers to a government […]

Restructure This?

MORE STUFF THE DEPT. OF ADMINISTRATION BILL WOULDN’T HAVE DONE   Last week, we attended a meeting of the Budget & Control Board. Now, oftentimes these meetings are excruciatingly uneventful, and even when they involve major issues, they seem uneventful. But in this case, what we beheld was – almost – mindblowing. The 5-member Board has the […]

Government Restructuring – or Reshuffling?

THE DOA BILL HAS DIED IN THE SENATE. DID IT DESERVE ITS FATE? It’s been more than a month since we last saw the Department of Administration bill being debated in the legislature. Since then, the House and Senate have been working in conference committee to reach a compromise. On Wednesday the conference committee sent […]

UPDATE: The House version of the DOA bill

The House of Representatives has finally unveiled their amendment to the Department of Administration bill – after crafting it behind closed doors for more than two months. It sailed through the House in record time and has already gone back to the Senate. This House proposal finally eliminates the Budget and Control Board. The trouble […]

Government De-Structuring?

Yesterday the Senate passed what many are calling the most significant restructuring plan this state has seen in decades. By a vote of 44-0, the South Carolina Senate passed H.3066 – a bill creating a Department of Administration and dissolving the anomaly that was the state Budget and Control Board.  Unfortunately – and despite all […]

Government restructuring – Reform or status quo?

  South Carolina elected officials claim to be restructuring government, but is anything changing?  Are we moving toward real separation of powers, or is the status quo being preserved?  Below are the major problems with the current plan, and the solutions that would finally make South Carolina’s government fully accountable to the citizens. Bonding authority Problem:  […]

Getting restructuring right – or wrong?

  The state Senate is currently debating what could turn out to be the most important piece of government restructuring legislation to come along in a quarter-century. Among other things, the bill would create a Department of Administration, putting some executive functions where they belong (under the governor), and eliminate the Budget and Control Board. […]

The Citizen’s Guide to Restructuring

What’s wrong with the structure of South Carolina’s government? All the power
is held by five-member boards, like the State Financial Affairs Authority and Budget
and Control Board. Major functions should belong to either the executive or
legislative branch; these boards have members from both, making it difficult to hold
any single elected official or legislative body accountable for major decisions.

Creating a Department of Administration – An Update

A new amendment to the Department of Administration bill has hit the Senate floor. Although it’s a moving target, here’s an overview of what the bill would do with state government’s most basic functions. Download as pdf by clicking here. Eliminated: Budget & Control Board, State Financial Affairs Authority The Senate’s first shot at eliminating the […]