Fast Facts: South Carolina’s Corporate Income Tax

Instead of playing games with tax credits and economic development boondoggles, the best way for the state to attract new business is to lower taxes. In particular, lawmakers should eliminate the state’s corporate income tax as a means of stimulating economic growth and creating jobs. What is South Carolina’s corporate income tax rate? The state’s […]

National Study Confirms: Taxes in South Carolina are High, Rising

In late April of 2007, the Tax Foundation, a nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization, released a new report that detailed the rising burden of state and local taxation. The report found that state and local taxes will consume eleven percent of national income in 2007. Defenders of big government in South Carolina have long argued that […]

Don’t Fund Income Tax Stimulus with Corporate Tax Hikes

Don’t Fund Income Tax Stimulus with Corporate Tax Hikes By Burnet Maybank   I was very pleased to read Governor Sanfords recent call for $205 million in income tax reductions. The Governor is to be applauded for his continued devotion to the cause of tax cuts as a significant economic development stimulus. I was concerned, […]