Does S.C. “Live within Its Means”?

 TECHNICALLY, YES. IN EVERY OTHER WAY, NO. Twenty-four billion is a large number. No one has ever seen 24 billion dollars all together, so it’s difficult to imagine an amount of money that large. But apparently, according to South Carolina’s lawmakers, it takes this mind-bending amount of money to run the state for one year.  […]

S.C.’s “Debt Limit” Not So Limited

JUST BECAUSE STATES CAN’T PRINT THEIR OWN MONEY DOESN’T MEAN THEY CAN’T ACCUMULATE DEBT … LOTS OF DEBT In a recent study by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), South Carolina was ranked third to last in debt service as a share of tax revenue. Translation: our state pays a lot in interest and principle […]

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