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Pointless DoT Restructuring?

With all of Columbia abuzz about government restructuring, H.4625 has passed through the House Judicial Committee without incident. As the Department of Transportation’s budget woes have come to light, state lawmakers have decided that the time has come to fix the Department’s structure of governance (though no move has been made so far to actually …

DoT’s Budget – How not to fund an agency

The South Carolina Department of Transportation has one of the largest budgets in state government, yet it can’t afford to maintain the state’s roads. Why? Because most of DoT’s money isn’t state money – it’s federal.  The mission of the Department of Transportation is to maintain a public transportation system “that is consistent with the …

The Transportation Infrastructure Funding Flexibility Act: H 4033

The House recently passed legislation, the Transportation Infrastructure Funding Flexibility Act, authorizing the creation of public-private partnerships (PPP) that can be used to build roads in South Carolina. In theory, the legislation should provide for a more efficient mechanism for building and maintaining roadways – provided that such reforms are carried out in a transparent manner that gives key stakeholders – rather than the Budget & Control Board – oversight over PPP projects.