The Real Problem with Regulation

GOV. HALEY’S TASK FORCE ON REGULATION HAS BEGUN TO MEET … HERE’S THE PROBLEM IT FACES Unfortunately, we live in a world in which pedicures and funeral parlor bathrooms are serious issues for state government. Last week, the Regulatory Review Task Force, established by Gov. Nikki Haley earlier this year, met at the State House […]

How to Reduce S.C.’s Regulatory Burden

FIRST PRIORITY FOR GOV. HALEY’S REGULATORY TASK FORCE: A SUNSET LAW Is the General Assembly alone empowered to make laws in South Carolina? Not exactly. No fewer than 21 state agencies, state boards, and state commissions have the power to create regulations that have the full force of law. These regulations touch almost every part […]

Is South Carolina Really a “Right to Work State”?

OUR ONLY LABOR UNION HAS MORE POWER THAN YOU THINK This week is National Employee Freedom week – a week intended to bring attention to the fact that people across the U.S. aren’t allowed to decide whether they want to be union members or not. That decision is made for them; whether union membership is […]