The “Nullification” Bill, Then and Now

  WHAT THE BILL DOES, AND COULD, ACCOMPLISH Originally known as the “nullification” bill, H.3101 has gone through many changes since it was originally pre-filed for the 2013 legislative session. Here we compare the bill passed by the House in May 2013 to the latest strike-and-insert amendment filed in the Senate. The Original Bill The […]

“Certificate of Need” Program: Not Needed

  A PERNICIOUS BARRIER TO HEALTH CARE FREEDOM HAS COME DOWN. IT SHOULD STAY THAT WAY. Last Wednesday, South Carolina House lawmakers – possibly accidentally – enacted the most pro-liberty reform of the entire 2013 session by sustaining the governor’s veto of funding for the Department of Health and Environmental Control’s (DHEC) Certificate of Need (CON) […]

Protecting South Carolina from Obamacare

HOW THE STATES CAN DO MORE THAN YOU THINK . . .  As the 120th session of the South Carolina General Assembly kicks off, the decisions to implement (or not implement) portions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare, will be at the forefront of debate in the Statehouse. Just one […]

Push Back: How South Carolina Can Respond to “Obamacare”

THE PROBLEM: The new federal health care takeover will add trillions to the nation’s debt, raise taxes by $669 billion, heap burdensome regulations on South Carolina businesses, and spark sharp increases in insurance rates for consumers.

Market Based Alternatives to Federal Health Care Mandates

The federal government has given states a choice: either create a “health exchange” to comply with the new federal health care law, or the feds will do it themselves. The Policy Council proposes a third option by outlining what the state can do now to make our health care system more free, more competitive, and more affordable.

Free Market Alternatives to Health Care Exchange

A list of free-market alternatives to the creation of a state-based health care exchange – a major component of the federal government’s takeover of the health insurance market.

Why Tort Reform Needs to Be Part of Health Care Reform

Authors: SCPC and Geoff Pallay At the mention of tort reform at any one of the recent health care town halls across the state, crowds cheered with delight. Virtually no one — whether conservative or liberal — opposes the idea of tort reform. And why should they? This popular initiative could reduce health care costs […]

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Managed Care Provides Quality, Affordable Health Care

Authors: SCPC and Ashlee Landess For the past two years, pro-tax legislators in the General Assembly have talked about raising taxes to cover the extraordinary growth in Medicaid. Such measures have not succeeded, in large part because many lawmakers, including those in the House and Senate leadership, recognize the need to reform the system to […]

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