South Carolina SAT Scores Second-Lowest in the Nation

South Carolina student performance on the 2010 SAT declined by 5 points to a lowest-in-the-South average composite score of 1447. Students from private schools and religiously affiliated schools again scored far ahead of their peers in public schools while the state’s best students again scored far below their peers in other states. While the achievement gap between white and African-American students declined slightly, the gap between students from the state’s wealthiest and poorest households increased.

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An Analysis of 2010 SAT Scores: Part I

As education policy makers across the state await the release of the 2010 SAT scores, it’s worth reviewing how South Carolina fared on the 2009 SAT. In Part I of this report, we’ll do that, with special attention paid to the following:

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Tech Schools Board Shells Out $200K for “Lobbying”

To entice legislators to send more money its way, the S.C. State Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education will pay a Columbia advertising agency up to $200,000 to design a seal and compile statistics about the state technical school system. The tech board, which operates the S.C. Technical College System, enlisted ad firm Chernoff Newman […]

Innovista: A Public-Private Partnership That’s All Public

It would appear the “private” aspect of Innovista, originally touted as a “public-private partnership,” is all but dead. To date, USC’s research campus, which has cost taxpayers more than $100 million, has just a single tenant, the University of South Carolina’s Arnold School of Public Health. In late July, USC announced that the Moore School […]

Innovista: State-Driven Economy Struggling Despite $140 Million in Taxpayer Support

When plans for Innovista, the University of South Carolina’s 500-acre research campus, were rolled out in 2005, it was touted as a can’t-miss project that would become a driving force for the area’s economy. When completed, Innovista will create thousands of research and technology jobs and will have an estimated annual economic impact of $430 […]