The Truth about Licensing Laws

THEY STIFLE COMPETITION AND PENALIZE LOW-INCOME CITIZENS. SO WHY DO S.C. LAWMAKERS LIKE THEM SO MUCH? Last week the Policy Council drew attention to the contrast between South Carolina’s free market reputation and its economic reality by examining the tax bills introduced during the 2014 legislative session. This week we’re taking a look at the regulatory bills […]

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New Deregulation Bills Filed

ARE LAWMAKERS GETTING SERIOUS ABOUT REGULATION? The Policy Council has pointed out before the economically destructive effects of regulation. We’ve also argued that regulation is often – perhaps usually – less about protecting the consumer and more about protecting established businesses to the detriment  of would-be entrepreneurs. Several months ago, the Governor’s Regulatory Review Task […]

How to Free South Carolina’s Energy Market

YOUR ELECTRICITY RATES ARE HIGH, AND GOING HIGHER. HERE’S THE REASON. In South Carolina – as in most other states – regulation has almost completely divorced the energy sector from the free market. Private energy providers must register with the state as public utilities in order to provide services. Once registered, the state helps enforce a […]

Banning E-Cigs: WWFD?

‘SOME PEOPLE DON’T LIKE IT’ ISN’T A SUFFICIENT REASON TO CURTAIL INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY “Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will,” wrote Thomas Jefferson in a letter of 1819, “within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law,’ because law is often […]

Contract, Clarity, and a Return to Sovereignty

  HOW TO STOP FEDERAL COERCION – INCLUDING OBAMACARE – AND ENACT FREE MARKET REFORM   [PDF of full report here; a briefer version of the report here.] For three years, policy experts, citizen groups, and politicians have argued for multiple approaches to either blunting the effects of ObamaCare or abolishing it altogether. The Affordable Care Act […]

The Real Problem with Regulation

GOV. HALEY’S TASK FORCE ON REGULATION HAS BEGUN TO MEET … HERE’S THE PROBLEM IT FACES Unfortunately, we live in a world in which pedicures and funeral parlor bathrooms are serious issues for state government. Last week, the Regulatory Review Task Force, established by Gov. Nikki Haley earlier this year, met at the State House […]

How to Reduce S.C.’s Regulatory Burden

FIRST PRIORITY FOR GOV. HALEY’S REGULATORY TASK FORCE: A SUNSET LAW Is the General Assembly alone empowered to make laws in South Carolina? Not exactly. No fewer than 21 state agencies, state boards, and state commissions have the power to create regulations that have the full force of law. These regulations touch almost every part […]

“Certificate of Need” Program: Not Needed

  A PERNICIOUS BARRIER TO HEALTH CARE FREEDOM HAS COME DOWN. IT SHOULD STAY THAT WAY. Last Wednesday, South Carolina House lawmakers – possibly accidentally – enacted the most pro-liberty reform of the entire 2013 session by sustaining the governor’s veto of funding for the Department of Health and Environmental Control’s (DHEC) Certificate of Need (CON) […]

Is South Carolina Really a “Right to Work State”?

OUR ONLY LABOR UNION HAS MORE POWER THAN YOU THINK This week is National Employee Freedom week – a week intended to bring attention to the fact that people across the U.S. aren’t allowed to decide whether they want to be union members or not. That decision is made for them; whether union membership is […]

The Best & Worst to Come: A Review of Independent Business Legislation for 2009-2010

As we review the best and worst independent business legislation of 2009,it’s also time to begin to consider what ideas are likely to resurface during the 2010 session.   Independent businesses are the backbone of South Carolina’s economy and the key to increasing wealth and creating private sector jobs. According to the Small Business Administration, […]