We created THE NERVE because there wasn’t (and isn’t) enough independent reporting on government and the politicians who run it. We hired veteran South Carolina investigative reporters, and their “beat” is anything South Carolina politicians and/or bureaucrats do with your money. And they’re good at what they do.

What also sets THE NERVE apart is the volunteers from all over the state: our Citizen Reporters. They help us monitor and report on government from the State House and their hometowns.

In South Carolina, there is a sad lack of substantive, well-researched news about how our government is run, who runs it, how the legislature operates, and where our tax dollars are really going. Every weekday on THE NERVE, you’ll find a new story, often more than one, and periodically an opinion piece on the “Viewpoints” page. Make it your homepage – or sign up for our daily emails by clicking here.

One other thing. THE NERVE provides a forum for your anonymous tips and opinions (if you prefer, not even we’ll know your identity – we promise), and our reporters will do their best to follow up on them.

Welcome to THE NERVE.