Legislative Calendar for Feb 12 – Feb 14, 2019

This week, lawmakers will take up a series of important-to-watch bills in committee hearings and on the House and Senate floor.

Perhaps the most crucial bill to watch is S.259, which creates a new fund to enable local governments to purchase flooded homes and finance floodplain restoration. If this bill passed, homeowners all over the state could facing eminent domain and displacement in the process of flood protection construction. The bill is being considered by the Senate Agriculture Committee, and the meeting is currently not scheduled to be live streamed.

A Senate subcommittee will hear for the first time a bill that would institute an higher education funding formula, tying higher education funding to increases in the general fund. It would also create a new fund to support scholarships and public universities using uncollected sales tax. This bill is in addition to the massive House proposal overhauling K-12 education, which is receiving its third subcommittee hearing on Tuesday.

A number of important bills are also being heard on the floor of both the House and Senate, including one that would allow the Department of Revenue to compel financial information from individuals’ banks.  For the full list of bills, scroll to the bottom of the page.

House floor session

  • H.3417 – Moves the illegal immigration unit from DPS to SLED
  • H.3031 – Shortens voter registration window
  • H.3274 – Local government cannot regulate cigarettes, alternative nicotine products
  • H.3700 – Allows for placement of shoreline perpendicular wingwalls
  • H.3398 – Permanently establishes Tucker Hipps Transparency Act
  • H.3312 – Funnels special license plate fees to the state highway fund
  • H.3929 – State Board of Education may waive makeup day requirement

Senate floor session

  • S.214 – Collecting sales tax from online retailers (SCPC analysis)
  • S.309 – Doubles the budget of the South Carolina Research Authority (SCPC analysis)
  • S.35 – Mandatory U.S. Constitution instruction for colleges
  • S.105 – Amending penalties for animal cruelty
  • S.38 – SLED must investigate officer involved-shootings
  • S.160 – Dept of Revenue can implement online tax lien filing system
  • S.323 – Dept of Revenue can compel financial information from individuals’ banks
  • S.310 – Stricter regulation on unstamped cigarettes
  • S.398 – Grace period for unstamped cigarettes
  • S.314 – Creates income tax credit for clinical rotations completed by medical students



Tuesday – 2/12/19

House committee meetings

3M Committee

  • H.3157 – Licensing for genetic counselors
  • H.3253 – Licensing for mobile barbershops
  • H.3438 – Division of Veterans Affairs moved to Governor’s office

Judiciary Committee

  • H.3362 – Driver’s license suspension for failing to pay a ticket does not constitute “habitual offender”
  • H.3082 – Local governments may allow Sunday alcohol sales under certain circumstances

Education subcommittee

  • H.3759 – Overhauls the state education system

Senate committee meetings

Finance subcommittee

  • S.329 – Extends tax credit for geothermal machinery
  • S.362 – Creates solar energy tax credit
  • S.408 – Amends definition of cable system operator


Wednesday – 2/13/19

House committee meetings

Judiciary Committee

  • H.3916 – Failure to register a vehicle is a misdemeanor and a $500 fine

Agriculture subcommittee

  • H.3732 – Mandatory ongoing education on controlled substances for veterinarians
  • H.3449 – Dept of Agriculture is responsible for regulating hemp

Ways and Means subcommittee

  • H.3717 – Creates an income tax for home renovation

Environmental affairs subcommittee

  • H.3699 – DHEC to defer to federal government in determining recreational doc construction

Senate committee meetings

Medical Affairs subcommittee

  • S.132 – Offers more flexibility for physician assistants
  • S.277 – Regulation for speech language pathologists
  • S.303 – More regulations for officers transporting mental health patients

Education Committee

  • H.3697 – Gives CHE more flexibility with alternate program completion options

LCI subcommittee

  • S.455 – Veterans’ spouses receive temporary occupational licenses


Thursday – 2/14/19

House committee meetings

Agriculture Committee

  • H.3699 – DHEC to defer to federal government in determining recreational doc construction
  • H.3732 – Mandatory ongoing education on controlled substances for veterinarians
  • H.3449 – Dept of Agriculture is responsible for regulating hemp

Senate committee meetings

LCI Committee (agenda not published)

Finance subcommittee

  • S.298 – Higher education funding overhaul

Agriculture Committee

  • S.384 – Repeals hemp law in order to adopt federal regulations
  • S.281 – Intentional misrepresentation of a service animal is a misdemeanor
  • S.259 – Creates a loan fund for flood disaster

Education subcommittee

  • S.203 – Provides criteria for school district consolidation


Who’s feeding your lawmakers?

  • SC Association of Realtors
  • City of Columbia
  • SC Arts Alliance
  • Independent Banks of South Carolina
  • Florence County Economic Development Partnership & Florence County Progress
  • SC Speech Language and Hearing Association